About us

Classic and Co. previously known as Royal Rubber or Classic Rubber, continued manufacturing of Rubber products sunce 1992 and since then has griwn into stature and products portfolio. Now, it covers a gamout of Engineering Rubber items catering to the requirements of various industries. Subsequently, the company diversified into the production of Plastics Items using Automatic Injection Molding Machines to meet and serve the upcoming market demands for plastics products as well.

Later, it forayed into GRP[ Glass Reinforced Plastics] products using thermosetting resins. This demonstrates its ability to adopt to the changing requirements of the evolving market needs. The products, it manufactures are based on both Natural and Synthetic polymers like Natual Rubber, TPR, DBR, Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicon, Viton, PUR as well as engineering thermoplastics and thermosetting matrials such as LDPE, HOPE, PP, PVC, Nylon, ABS, Acetal, PBT, PC. modified PPO, PS, TPUs, Phenolic and unsaturated (polyester) resins.

Concurrent with the growth in products range, new machines were added. test facilities updated and R&D activities upgraded in order to facilate faster product development, better quality compliance and assured product performance.

Classic and Co. has the resources, technical competence, necessary infrastructure and above all over two decades of manufacturing experience to undertake development, manufacture and supply of critical and sophisticated products & deliver the material at competitive prices in time to the entire satisfaction of the customers.